Rockers For Soft Play – Safety Tips For Parents

While rockers for soft play are a great way to encourage physical activity and stimulate cognitive development in children, there are some safety issues that should be considered when selecting this type of product. To help protect your child, be sure to follow all recommended safety tips and only use kid rockers that are safe for their age.

Always keep baby rockers firmly secured with the restraining belt and never leave them unattended. Babies’ weak neck muscles can easily slip upwards and cut off airflow, posing a suffocation risk. Baby rockers are also often inclined, making it easy for babies’ heavy heads to flop forward. When combined with the plush sides of these products, this poses an additional suffocation risk.

If a baby sleeps in a rocker for long periods of time, he or she can develop hypothermia and lose essential body heat. Lastly, babies can slip out of the product if it is positioned on a table or other elevated surface.

Manufacturers’ warning labels generally warn against using infant rockers for prolonged sleep, but many of the deaths linked to these products occurred when infants were left unattended or slept with soft bedding like blankets that pose a suffocation threat. The new rules sent to CPSC commissioners Wednesday aim to prevent suffocation by making rockers firmer and flatter, requiring them to pass stability tests, and seeking to prevent strangulation from hanging straps.

The best kid rockers undergo rigorous quality testing and hold internationally recognized certifications, such as ASTM or EN, which guarantee their compliance with strict safety standards. These tests verify mechanical strength, stability and the absence of harmful substances. These certifications are a great indicator of the quality of a rocker and can help parents confidently select one for their child.

A kid rocker that is crafted with quality materials is also more likely to endure vigorous use and frequent washings. To help ensure the longevity of a rocker, look for one that is made from sturdy wood and features a hard plastic base. This material combination can withstand the roughness of kids’ exuberant play and will not degrade over time.

Whether it’s a classic rocking horse or a cuddly stuffed animal, Pottery Barn Kids has a range of rockers for soft play that can be customized to suit any child’s taste and personality. Rocking back and forth on a rocker strengthens a child’s leg muscles, improves balance and coordination, and enhances his or her proprioceptive sense (awareness of the body’s position in space). With these benefits and their adorable designs, rockers for soft play are a great addition to any child’s bedroom or playroom.