What You Need to Know About Pest Control in London

Pest control is an essential service that needs to be provided for homes & businesses to protect their properties from damage caused by unwanted intruders. There are a range of different pests that may need to be dealt with, including mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps, fleas, ants, and woodworms. It is important to deal with these infestations as soon as possible, as they can cause serious structural damage as well as pose a health risk for you & your family or employees.

Pests may be drawn to your property due to its location, as London’s densely populated urban landscape offers them an ideal environment with plenty of food and shelter. It is also likely that your business operates in an industry where you handle or prepare food, making you more susceptible to pest problems. You should be proactive about Pest Control and remain diligent in good hygiene practices to minimise the risks of pests impacting your organisation.

If you need pest control London services, it is a good idea to consult with several local experts to compare prices and experience. A professional company will provide you with a detailed quote and a plan for treatment. It is also important to get references and pictures of past work from a potential pest control company before hiring them.

The cost of pest control services will vary depending on the type & severity of the infestation. Typically, residential pest control services start at PS140 for a typical home. However, the price will increase if the home is larger or there are multiple treatments required.

Mice & rats are some of the most common pests encountered by pest control companies in London. They are known for gnawing through insulation, pipes, and floorboards. They can also contaminate food and water sources with their droppings, and their presence can cause serious health concerns for your family. The best way to prevent a rat infestation is to keep food in closed containers and to avoid putting it in compost heaps or under sheds.

Rodents are also able to enter properties through cracks and gaps in walls, floors, and roof spaces. The aging Victorian sewer system in many parts of London can also give rats easy access to property through toilet drains. It is also recommended to seal all cracks around the property and to fit a rodent proof door.

Bed bug pest control is typically more expensive than other pest removal & treatment services. This is because the pests are more resilient & hardy and require a more aggressive approach to removal. If you are in need of bed bug control, it is recommended to consult with a local pest management specialist for an accurate price estimate.